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NAMI Syracuse has created this page as a resource for parents of children under 18 years old. The effects of COVID-19 have impacted the mental health for many in our community, especially school aged children. We know how confusing and overwhelming it can be for a parent or caregiver as they try to understand how best to help a child who is struggling. We hope the information on this page empowers you to become more informed about how to advocate for your child’s mental health needs.

You Are Not Alone

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What to do if you notice symptoms:

Speak to your child’s school. Many schools have psychologists or guidance counselors who can help you determine services your child may need.

Speak with your pediatrician for assistance or referral.

Call your insurance provider to find what services are covered and local participating providers.

The NAMI article Learning to Help Your Child and Your Family provides more information for parents and caregivers if they notice their child is struggling.

How to find resources in the Central New York area:

Call the NAMI Syracuse office (315) 487-2085  Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm and we can help you find clinics serving children and youth in the area.

Call Children’s Mental Health Services 315-463-1100 (24×7). Children’s Mental Health Services are designed to provide high-quality, community-based mental health services and supports for children with emotional and behavioral challenges and their families. The goal is to help children with mental health needs achieve success in home, school and community settings.

Call 211 and speak with a CONTACT representative. (24×7).

Education and Support Groups:

NAMI Basics OnDemand is a free online self-paced 6-session education program for parents, caregivers and other family who provide care for youth (ages 22 and younger) who are experiencing mental health symptoms. You will learn about different types of mental health care professionals, treatment options, therapies, an overview of public mental health care and school systems, how to advocate for your child’s rights at schools and in health care setting, and much more. You can register here to take this class.

Family Tapestry Inc Support Groups – Family Tapestry Inc. is a grass roots, family driven and family focused nonprofit organization, with a mission to support and empower families affected by mental illness through education, empowerment and advocacy. Information about Family Tapestry’s Parent Peer support groups can be found here. Call Holly Cross at 315-317-5587 for more information.


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