SAMHSA-Sponsored Webinar: Challenges and Solutions for Mental Health Caregivers


Join NAMI and Mental Health America for a SAMHSA-sponsored webinar Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 2 p.m. EST on the challenges faced by an estimated 8.4 million Americans who provide care to an adult living with a mental health condition.

The critical role of caregivers comes with insight into barriers to services, supports, and integration that keep their loved ones struggling and isolated from their communities. Based on two reports with responses from more than 2,000 caregivers, presenters will share compelling data, stories and solutions to empower caregivers and adults living with mental health conditions.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 2 p.m. EST



  • Sita Diehl, MSSW, Director of Policy and State Outreach at NAMI
  • Gail Hunt, President and CEO of the National Alliance for Caregiving
  • Debbie Plotnick, MSS, MSLP, Vice President for Mental Health and Systems Advocacy at Mental Health America
  • Rick Baron, MA, Research and Trainer in the Mental Health field at Temple University

NAMI Syracuse Receives Grant

We are pleased to announce that the Central New York Community Foundation has awarded NAMI Syracuse a grant of $5000 from the Durston Sanford & Doris Sanford Fund. The proposal for the grant was submitted by NAMI Syracuse Board Member Steven Comer and committee for the purpose of developing a database for NAMI Syracuse so that our mental health community can access mental health providers in the community.

We received two additional grants from the CNY Community Foundation Small Grants and Initiatives Fund – a $200.00 gift, made at the request of Christina Whiteside and a $100.00 gift made at the request of Danielle Hurley.

We thank the Central New York Community Foundation for recognizing and supporting the efforts of NAMI Syracuse!