Officers & Board of Directors


Marla Byrnes ~ President
Spencer Plavacos ~ Vice-President
J. Thomas Bassett ~ Treasurer
Patricia Moore ~ Rec. Secretary

Board of Directors

Mary Bartowski
J. Thomas Bassett
Margaret Bristol
Beth Carmosino
Phuong Kripalani
Sheila Le Gacy
Scotty Mac Queen
Carol Notar
Joseph Ridgway
Kryssy Ridgway
Lacey Roy
Karen Winters Schwartz
Brad Webster
Tanisha Wiggins

Consultant to Board

Dr. Sunny Aslam
Dr. Mantosh Dewan
Stephen Glatt, PhD
Dr. Raslaan Nizar
Ann Canastra
Steven Comer

Office Manager

Mary Gandino

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  1. My daughter is interested in ” In my own voice” or “ending the silence” training. She has met Marla I believe at St. James in Skaneateles when she attended a talk that was given. How do we go about doing this?

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