Bipolar (Manic Depression)

“Where Are the Cocoa Puffs?: A Family’s Journey Through Bipolar Disorder”
by Karen Winters Schwartz
Publisher: Goodman Beck Publishing/2010 ISBN: 978-0979875564
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Title: Bipolar Disorder: Insights for Recovery
Author: Jane Mountain, M.D.
Publisher/Yr: Chapter One Press, 2003

Title: Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania
Author: Andy Behrman
Publisher/Yr: Random House, 2002
ISBN: 0-375-50358-7
Comments: “A Memoir of Mania” is Andy Behrman’s chronicle of his battle with manic depression or bipolar disorder – The euphoric highs and the desperate lows.

Title: The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
Author: Julia Cameron with Bark Bryan
Publisher/Yr: Jeremy P. Tarcher/G.P. Putnam’s Sons, NY, 1992
Comments: This book as been recommended for this list by several of my correspondents, who say it has helped them tremendously in reclaiming their creativity through the lithium or depakote fog.

Title: A Brilliant Madness: Living with Manic Depressive Illness
Author: Patty Duke (Anna Pearce) and Gloria Hochman
Publisher/Yr: Bantam Books; 1992
ISBN: 0-553-07256-0
Comments: Patty Duke’s very personal account of her struggle with manic-depression. Duke writes every other chapter, while Hochman writes about the more clinical aspects of manic-depression.

Title: Touched with Fire: Manic-depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament
Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
Publisher/Yr: Free Press: Maxwell Macmillan International, 1993
ISBN: 0-0291-6030-8 (cloth) 0-060-96594-0 (paper)
Comments: A look at a number of 19th century poets, writers, and composers who were bipolar. Comment by Dr. James D. Watson, Director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Novel laureate and author of The Double Helix: An emphatic analysis of the creativity that emerges from a little madness and the horror from too much.

Title: Creative Brainstorms: The Relationship Between Madness and Genius
Author: Russell R. Monroe, M.D.
Publisher/Yr: Irvington Publishers, Inc. 740 Broadway, NY NY 10003
ISBN: 0-8290-1769-0
Comments: Robert Lowell and Ernest Hemingway are the main persons the author uses as examples of artists with manic-depression.

Title: The Depression Workbook: A Guide for Living with Depression and Manic Depression
Author: Mary Ellen Copeland
Publisher/Yr: New Harbinger Publications; 1992
Comments: A detailed overview of the history, causes and treatment of mood disorders. Offers step-by-step, self-help guidance for taking responsibility for your own wellness.

Title: Key to Genius: Manic Depression and the Creative Life
Author: D. Jablow Hershman & Julian Lieb
Publisher/Yr: Prometheus, 1988
Comments: A discussion of imagination, manic depression, and a few famous people of the past as examples.

Title: Living Without Depression and Manic Depression: A Workbook for Maintaining Mood Stability
Author: Mary Ellen Copeland
Publisher/Yr: New Harbinger, Oakland, CA, 1994
ISBN: 1-879237-74-1
Comments: What to do after your unipolar or bipolar illness is stabilized. How to take charge and respond to early warning signs of relapse. Also available on cassette.

Title: Manic-Depressive Illness
Author: Fredrick K. Goodwin, M.D., & Kay Redfield Jamison, Ph.D.
Publisher/Yr: Oxford; 1990
ISBN: 0-195-03934-3
Comments: This is THE medical textbook for manic depression. It is technical, but excellent. Highly recommended. 1,000 pages.

Title: Manic-Depressive Illness, A Guide for Patients and Families
Author: Ruth Thompson
Publisher/Yr: Clark Institute of Psychiatry, 1987
Comments: An introduction for new patients & their families.

Title: A Mood Apart: Depression, Mania, and Other Afflictions of the Self
Author: Peter C. Whybrow, M.D
Publisher/Yr: HarperCollins Publishers, BasicBooks, NY, 1997
ISBN: 0-465-04725-4
Comments: Review by Kay Jamison: [This] is an excellent book. It reflects not only the depth and breadth of the author’s scientific and clinical contributions to the study of moods, but captures, in a wonderful way, the crucial role of moods in human nature and society. The book describes individuals suffering from mood disorders with compassion and insight; their stories humanize the conditions and their recoveries inspire hope. Highly recommended.

Title: The Price of Greatness: Resolving the Creativity and Madness Controversy
Author: Arnold M. Ludwig
Publisher/Yr: Guilford Press, 1995
Comments: Ludwig approaches the subject with wider criteria than Jamison has in “Touched With Fire”. This book is a point/counterpoint to Jamison’s studies.

Title: Surfing the Blues
Author: Catherine Rzecki
Publisher/Yr: Angus and Robertson, 1996
ISBN: 0-207-1883636-1
Comments: A guide to understanding and coping with mood disorders, panic attacks, and manic depressive illness.

Title: Bipolar: An Unorthodox, Common Sense Explanation
Author: Jay Carter, Psy.D
Publisher/Yr: Unicorn Press, 2004

Title: Bipolar Disorder Demystified: Mastering the Tightrope of Manic-Depression
Author: Lana Castle
Publisher/Yr: Marlowe and Company, 2003

Title: Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder
Author: Julie A. Fast and John D. Preston, Psy.D.
Publisher/Yr: New Harbinger Publications, 2004

Title: Manic Depressive Illness
Author: Frederick K. Goodwin and Kay Redfield Jamison
Publisher/Yr: Oxford University Press, 1990

Title: Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide
Author: David J. Miklowitz, Ph.D.
Publisher/Yr: Guilford Press, 2002

Title: Surviving Manic Depression: A Manual on Bipolar Disorder for Patients, Families, and Providers
Author: Fuller E. Torney, M.D. and Michael B. Knable, O.D.
Publisher/Yr: Basic Books, 2002