Title: The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook
Author: Edmund Bourne
Publisher/Yr: New Harbinger Press, 1990
Comments: A workbook approach to dealing with anxiety disorders. Very readable, and lots of good ideas.

Title: The Anxiety Disease
Author: David V. Sheehan, M.D.
Publisher/Yr: Bantam Books, 1990
Comments: Discusses biological mechanisms of anxiety and also the use of medications and therapy.

Title: Anxiety Disorders and Phobias: A Cognitive Perspective
Author: Aaron T. Beck and Gary Emery with Ruth L Greenburg
Publisher/Yr: Basic Books, 1990 (revised)
Comments: Covers all aspects of anxiety, including how it touches on mania and depression, depersonalization and derealization, and other topics.

Title: The Good News About Panic, Anxiety and Phobias; Cures, Treatments and Solutions in the New Age of Biopsychiatry
Author: Mark S. Gold, M.D.
Publisher/Yr: 1989
Comments: How biological mimickers can cause psychiatric symptoms, caffeine, sunlight, OCD, medications, tests, MAO levels, etc. Lists resources by state and contains a bibliography.

Title: Panic Disorder; What You Don’t Know May Be Dangerous to Your Health
Author: William D. Kernodle, M.D.
Publisher/Yr: William Byrd Press, 1991
Comments: Presents current medical thinking about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of panic disorder.

Title: Peace of Body, Peace of Mind
Author: Rose VanSickle
Publisher/Yr: PLJ Unlimited Inc., 1996
ISBN: 0-9649506-1-8
Comments: Author has dealt with panic attacks and depression in her own life. She has developed mental fitness techniques to help reduce stress, and establish inner peace and self confidence.

Title: Thoughts and Feelings The Art of Cognitive Stress Intervention
Author: Matthew McKay, Martha Davis, Patric Fanning

Title: Triumph Over Fear
Author: Jerilynn Ross
Publisher/Yr: Bantam, 1995 (paperback)
ISBN: 0-5530-8133-2
Comments: Ross, president of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, discusses the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.