About NAMI Syracuse

NAMI, the acronym for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is a grass roots, self help, support and advocacy organization dedicated to improving the lives of families who have relatives with a brain disorder (mental illness). This includes the families of persons diagnosed with a mental illness, relatives and friends, mental health professionals, and all who share NAMI’s vision and mission.

NAMI Syracuse, Inc. is a not-for-profit, self help organization of active and concerned families and friends of people who suffer from serious and persistent psychiatric illness, most commonly; Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder (manic depression) and severe depression. NAMI Syracuse, Inc. is the local affiliate of NAMI-New York State and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) supporting the Syracuse, New York metropolitan area.

3 thoughts on “About NAMI Syracuse

  1. I’m a deacon at the First Baptist Church, Ilion, NY. This past June we hosted by friend who shared her journey with Bi-polar. There was such an overwhelming encouragement for more of these sessions that our church was wondering if someone could tell us how we can start a support group. My friend is from Florida and is a consumer and a teacher for NAMI. Is there someone who could attend our monthly meeting on third Wednesday in October at 7pm to inform us on the process?
    There was a website for Utica, NAMI but I never recieved an answer back. When checking again I can’t find a phone number or address. Poof it was gone.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Cheryl Conkling, Deacon
    First Baptist Church, Ilion
    8 Second Street
    Ilion, NY 13357

  2. I’m in town visiting a phenomenal friend who is close to your organization and lives technically with mental illness. I have worked with youth at risk and mentally ill adults for years and truly appreciate what you are doing in the Syracuse area. Keep on fighting the good fight. Often we try to see results instantly. I can guarantee you that lives are being changed because of your hard work and your hearts. Lives that you may never meet or changed and you may never know how. But know that each individual, every person you meet today is perfectly and beautifully them. Your organization helps them see and feel that in themselves. Thank you for making the world around you a better more accepting and better educated home for all of us.

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