May Support Groups

During this uncertain time, finding support is very important. At NAMI Syracuse, our goal is to continue serving our community to the best of our ability. During the Coronavirus response, we’re transitioning Support Groups to the Zoom online platform in order to continue providing the support you’ve come to expect.

Meetings using Zoom may be attended with a computer, a smart phone, or a landline telephone or cell phone call. You do not have to have a Zoom account to attend a Zoom meeting.  Please contact the NAMI Syracuse office via email or by calling 315-487-2085, to get the Meeting ID and Password in order to attend a support group.

The following Support Groups are free, and you do not have to be a NAMI Syracuse member to attend. All conversations are confidential.

Family Support Group: Family and friends of people with mental health disorders are invited to meet with us via the Zoom online platform to chat about your situation. All members of NAMI Syracuse have relatives diagnosed with major mental illnesses, and we know the stress you are going through. We’ve found that simply talking about the situation is a great emotional release. This free support group is open to anyone 18 years and older who has a family member or loved one living with Mental Illness.

This Mind of Mine Support Group: This is a monthly peer to peer support group for people living with mental health conditions. This Mind of Mine Support Group focuses on:

  • Community Resources and Events:  Sharing community resources for Onondaga County and upcoming social events
  • Open Sharing/Discussion:  Discussing proud moments and challenges that arose within one’s mental health journey.
  • Brainstorming:  Response to challenges preciously mentioned; how to handle real life situations such as handling work life, family, etc.
  • Put a Bow on It:  Last words to go by/Closing thought to leave with